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Children's Cooking Class


Your Child's Optimal Eating



Parenting Guidance




To bring harmony through dietary

frequency guidance with the use of Quantum Science.

Is your child unhappy after eating?
Do they have digestive issues or eating difficulties?

Human Design Parenting Guides reveal the architecture of genetic eating patterns through.

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"Knowing this information was such a relief as I look back. As a new mother, I worried a lot that I was not doing the right thing...knowing this about Gracie and cool drinks gave me a sense of relief. When she was not eating a lot and wanting to drink more and wanting it cool - I felt at peace knowing this is a part of her design. I am very grateful to human design and Donna for giving me that insight and sense of relief. Now I can teach Gracie this and she can then have awareness to this as she grows up into a healthy young woman."

 - Lucinda S.  New York City

Meet Your Specialists

Helping families with radical transformations for over 25 years.



Donna Rohlf

Donna guides parents in raising their newborns with human design tailored food assimilation solutions, resulting in good health, well-being and development of unique cognitive intelligence as they grow. She brings 40+ years of experience across psychotherapy, pranic and esoteric healing, and human design to assist parents who want to make a dive into awakening to their child’s unusual eating pattern.

After a near-death-like experience, Donna came across the Human Design System. She followed her human design strategy and inner authority, which led to a life of little resistance but also helped her recover from a series of health challenges including post-polio and iatrogenic cancer. She is passionate about helping people find and celebrate their differentiated purpose without fear.

Donna practiced, taught, and supervised dream interpretation and the process of psychotherapy at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, New York for 20 years. After graduating from Northwestern University with honors and major in Psychology, Donna went on to study clinical social work at Fordham University. Donna was awarded Doctorate for contribution on family wellness. She co-authored with Dr. Max Geller a manuscript about the impact of the father on human behavior.

Certified PHD in Wellness, Certified Human Design Analyst and Living Your Design Guide as well as, Clinical Social Worker Since 1971/esoteric Healing Certified Level 4 1988.Pranic Healing Certified 1987.

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Barbara Ditlow

Barbara has studied energy and esoteric healing with practitioners from around the world. Her expertise includes Feng Shui, Astrology, Yoga, Intuitive Healing, Art Therapy, and Cult Interventions. Prior to her study of Human Design she worked in sales and marketing at CBS Publishing in New York City and was President of Metaquality, Inc., an international consulting training company. She is currently a licensed Real Estate Broker in Austin, Texas.

Barbara’s training in Human Design and Astrology, along with her diverse life experiences, enables her to skillfully coach her clients through the process of maximizing their life’s potential. As a gifted listener, adept at asking transformative questions, her clients experience personal satisfaction and success in their finances, relationships, and career.

Individual, Partnership and Life Cycle Analyst, Living Your Design Guide; Family Practice Specialist, Rave Psychology Color Transference Analyst, Rave Psychologist M.A. and M.F.A

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Stephanie Zetah

Greetings, my name is Stephanie Zetah and I live on a regenerative farm in Central Minnesota. It has been my pleasure, since 2019, to offer free weekly Homeschooling to local families. I utilize Human Design to organize the day and allow each child to respond based on their particular Strategy and Authority. It's been such an honor to hold this space for these families and to watch their dynamic to grow in strength and peace.


With the help of truly living my Human Design, I am able to connect to my unique intuition which allows me to navigate decisions that are correct for me. It helps to decrease the 'bumps' in the road of life and to celebrate my differences rather than feeling hindered by them. I've seen radical transformations within myself and others. This is especially helpful for parents of young ones, as discovering their particular dietary needs can help decrease physical and emotional discomfort around meal times.

6/3  Energy Projector ::  Solar Plexus Inner Authority ::  LAX Confrontation

Human Design journey began in Autumn of 2011 ::  PHS journey began in Spring of 2018  :: Offering Professional HD Consultations since 2018 

Family Time

Bodily Empowerment

for a Resilient Life

Besides parental projection from both parents, many to most children are conditioned first and foremost by how they are fed and it is often incorrect according to their design. It is time to  raise children according to their nature. Children nourished by their design brings awesome emotional, mental and spiritual strength.

If a child is having assimilation problems and not happy after being fed, they are bound to be NOT SELF as they grow. If one wants their child to assimilate Life as their true self they need to assimilate food correctly according to their design so they can assimilate life as they were designed. This is most certainly part of the major dysfunction of humanity.

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Empowering families with proven tools to promote a harmonious family dynamic.


There is a relationship between our physical body and our unique energy imprint from the emerging science of Human Design. We are here to live out the highest elements of our energy system- to perfect our strengths and learn about our weaknesses.
HD  shows us that we are all part of a whole vast orchestrated magic.

In the Absolute there is no other place to go with our consciousness than the recognition that we are all absolutely different yet nothing that we are is separate from the absolute. We live in this dense illusion of separateness yet nothing is separate.


HD’s visual imagery gives a correct life strategy for decisions, good life choices that are in alignment with who you truly are, energetically speaking.


Using HD visual imagery to determine TYPE can make one deeply wise about another’s energy. In a world where spiritual education was honored each parent would be informed that they have 20 or so years to back a child up in making decisions that are wise-choices that give vitality, satisfaction, peace, well being etc.


HD puts a language to being yourself- the pathway to Vitality, which needs to become a birth right. Ideally children are born to be enjoyed. Only through understanding can that happen.


Without this parental guidance, humanity, individually  speaking will create energy losses leading to illnesses. These illnesses can be seen in the HD mapping.


For example a child with an open root center-50%- of humanity, will amplify the adrenal pressure of others leading to burn out, anxiety and adrenal pressure. Following their strategy along with an individual inner authority, they will be protected as they will materialize their 24/7 genetic  gifts.

They incarnate  NOT  to be under  pressure. They are here to learn about pressure but should they base their career on this amplified pressure of others, they are sure to risk decreasing vitality to say the least.


Here is another important energetic center parents need to understand. It is the base of what the collective needs to spiritualize and it happens one by one with proper guidance. It is called the solar plexus, the emotional center of humanity. It contains 7 different emotional energies. 50% of humanity are born emotional,  causing waves rising only to crash internally within. These waves are not who we are, yet humanity historically has allowed  aggressive wars in the collective by believing in the stories these emotions can rear.

Children who are not emotional need parents to protect them from the emotional energy of others. This emotional area, not understood, causes depression, diabetes and emotional eating.
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