What We Offer

Kindly be aware that this assimilation info is based on correct birth time. Any false info will skew the results. If you are unsure of correctness of time, please contact us first, we may be able to help you to recover this vital information.

We predict that correct birth time will be a major human right of the “new world”
kindly spread the word for pregnant parents and parents to be. Proper assimilation from moment of birth lays the foundation for a strong immunity of the next generation.

Payment: Click Book Now to set up an appointment and payment details. We use the sliding scale, so please pay what you feel called to, suggestions are offered below.

Eating Strategy Consultation

Learn about your child's biological imprint for eating and digesting to ensure optimum cognition. Ask as many questions as you like, get practical advice on how to honor the unique eating needs of  you or your child.

The old saying that "you are what you eat" has now changed to "you are what your digestive system can assimilate." These circumstances can be more important than the food you eat.


This left brained planet that needed regular eating times is slowly turning right brain. This differentiation shows up in our hard wired eating patterns. It is so important to know what your pattern is because it lays the foundation for increased intelligence - cognitive potential and well being for all.

Sliding Scale Payment

1 chart

1 hour

Type + Profile Foundation

Learn the basic foundation of  Type + Profile to help you strengthen your de-conditioning process or to better understand the unique needs of your child. Practical advice as to how to start using  your Strategy and Authority or how to support your child to become aware of theirs.

We will talk about the unique communication needs based on your chart and discuss the basic foundation of Types and how they interrelate.


Sliding Scale Payment

1 chart

45 minutes

Penta Family Analysis

An in-depth look and comparison of the charts of up to 4 family members highlighting the most prominent themes of not-self conditioning while offering practical advice for implementing de-conditioning patterns.

Learning to communicate well by understanding the strategy and authority of your family members can be a game changer.

Even if only 1 family member uses this understanding it can bring greater ease into your familial relationships.


Sliding Scale Payment

Up to 4 family members

2 hours 

How it works : After payment has been received, you will be sent an email within 1-5 business days to schedule your phone consultation.