How We Help

There is a relationship between our physical body and our unique energy imprint from the emerging science of Human Design. We are here to live out the highest elements of our energy system- to perfect our strengths and learn about our weaknesses.
HD  shows us that we are all part of a whole vast orchestrated magic.

In the Absolute there is no other place to go with our consciousness than the recognition that we are all absolutely different yet nothing that we are is separate from the absolute. We live in this dense illusion of separateness yet nothing is separate.


HD’s visual imagery gives a correct life strategy for decisions, good life choices that are in alignment with who you truly are, energetically speaking.


Using HD visual imagery to determine TYPE can make one deeply wise about another’s energy. In a world where spiritual education was honored each parent would be informed that they have 20 or so years to back a child up in making decisions that are wise-choices that give vitality, satisfaction, peace, well being etc.


HD puts a language to being yourself- the pathway to Vitality, which needs to become a birth right. Ideally children are born to be enjoyed. Only through understanding can that happen.


Without this parental guidance, humanity, individually  speaking will create energy losses leading to illnesses. These illnesses can be seen in the HD mapping.


For example a child with an open root center-50%- of humanity, will amplify the adrenal pressure of others leading to burn out, anxiety and adrenal pressure. Following their strategy along with an individual inner authority, they will be protected as they will materialize their 24/7 genetic  gifts.

They incarnate  NOT  to be under  pressure. They are here to learn about pressure but should they base their career on this amplified pressure of others, they are sure to risk decreasing vitality to say the least.


Here is another important energetic center parents need to understand. It is the base of what the collective needs to spiritualize and it happens one by one with proper guidance. It is called the solar plexus, the emotional center of humanity. It contains 7 different emotional energies. 50% of humanity are born emotional,  causing waves rising only to crash internally within. These waves are not who we are, yet humanity historically has allowed  aggressive wars in the collective by believing in the stories these emotions can rear.

Children who are not emotional need parents to protect them from the emotional energy of others. This emotional area, not understood, causes depression, diabetes and emotional eating.

Our Mission

To help improve parental guidance through a deep understanding of each child's unique differentiation. 



We delve into your child's preferred eating mode which includes best times to eat, optimal eating environment and foods, to increase overall well being.


Learn how to better communicate with your child using  the mapping of their specific Type and Strategy.


Intuition ( your inner authority ) works differently in each of us. Your child's human design offers insight to their unique Inner Authority and we give you the tools to help your child live their true self.

Ideally children are born to be enjoyed.

Our Vision

We hope that one day all humans will have access to their unique differentiation and live a life free from oppressive conditioning. This starts from birth. We vow to help as many families as we can to further this vision.