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Alternating PHS with a Toddler

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share that I finally enjoy cooking again!

After I got to know that my daughter -2yo- has an alternating appetite, I felt depressed that I couldn’t share my passion! Cooking.

I’m Italian so you can imagine what it was like for me when I started eating like her, because I was afraid she would just want the mixed. The more I present ingredients separately the more she enjoys it and she won’t even look at my plate with mixed ingredients!

Her body really knows, it’s amazing!

This was our dinner tonight, couscous, shrimps and zucchini and she was happy with her plate.

I am still figuring out how not to be antisocial when it comes to eating with friends and family members and to explain her dietary regimen. Or for her not to have what other children have, it’s easy to keep her hunter diet at home.

Anyone with little ones? How do you balance your children hunter diet with going outside or eating with other children/people?

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