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Digesting of Information

Through Human Design we can see how the body works in regards to eating. We know there are various types of digestion such as; eating at night, eating in the light, nervous/excitement, open and closed taste, consecutive and alternating. Eating in the way that honors your unique digestion creates greater health in adults but in children, it expands their brain development. The body does not have to fight with digestion and loose most of the nutrient uptake through bad digestion due to incorrect eating. That energy goes straight to brain cognition.

We also have a particular way we digest information or learn. It depends on our variables; Left or Right. The left brain is very logical and strategic, takes notes and studies to learn. Whereas, the right takes in the learning as it is given provided there is a slight distraction at the same time the information is given. These are the kids that doodle or daydream in class and never have to study. They may never do the homework but ace every test.

I'm left in my learning but happen to teach A LOT of right children. In the beginning I had to stop myself from 'correcting' the right kids and telling them to 'pay attention' and 'look at me when I'm talking'. Even though they looked like they weren't engaged whatsoever with what I was teaching, later on they proved they knew it— it just came out!

It takes a lot of discipline from me to remember how different they are from me and to give them plenty of space to learn in their perfect way, despite how aloof it seems to me. So let your right brained kids goof off while you teach them, their brains are taking it in and when they need that information, it will be there.

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